We self-distribute all over Oregon and would love to be on tap at your establishment! Please contact us with the form below or email sales@fallingskybrewing.com and one of our friendly sales reps will be in touch.

Commercial Sales Contact

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Contact us via the form below or by sending an email to sales@fallingskybrewing.com to see what beers are currently available and how much they will cost. Dock sales are generally available M-F 11am - 5pm, but arrangements should always be made beforehand with our sales staff via email (sales@fallingskybrewing.com)

On the day of your pickup come by Falling Sky Pub, 1334 Oak Alley, you will need to fill out some paperwork and to pay for the keg and the $30 keg deposit $30 refundable upon return of the keg.

Need a way to tap the beer? Then head around the corner to Falling Sky Fermentation Supply Shop, 1331 Willamette St.

We rent two types of taps. The base air pump tap ($10 per day rental fee with a $50 deposit, refundable upon return) if you are on a budget and the keg will be consumed rapidly.

A portable CO2 tap setup ($10 Rental Fee with a $100 deposit, refundable upon return) which is best to preserve the beer's quality and freshness over time. The shop folks can explain all of the ins and outs.


Catering Options for Alcohol Service

Now that you have made the wise decision to have your event catering with Falling Sky food, what about the beverages? We take great pride in our beers, and we want to ensure that when you Let It Pour at your event, the quality and experience is up to the same standards that we hold at our pubs. Beer dispensing can be tricky, with the potential for leaks, foamy beer, beer warming up, beer that won’t pour, and a host of other issues that the layperson might not expect or know how to deal with. Luckily our staff of experts can help you out! We have 3 levels of service to meet the needs of a wide variety of events. All beer sold in kegs requires a $30 refundable deposit to ensure the return of the empty keg. If getting beer/cider/mead/wine in growlers, a refundable $5 deposit per growler will be charged in addition to the price of the contents of the growler.

Product + Rental Fees

(only available for drop-off catering)

For people who are comfortable and experienced dealing with keg dispensing equipment and pressurized liquids and gasses only!!! In this option, kegs are picked up from the brewery (1334 Oak Alley) as a dock sale, and the customer is completely in charge of procuring ice, buckets to put the kegs in, tapping equipment, CO2, etc. We offer most of this equipment for rent from Falling Sky Fermentation Supply Shop for a nominal fee plus deposit. You must call ahead and make sure that the equipment you need is available for the date of your event (541-484-3322). Responsibility for obtaining any required OLCC permits and complying with all serving regulations is 100% the responsibility of the customer.

Dock Sale w/Professional Keg Set-Up, Tear Down, and Equipment-Product + $50/keg/day

Ensure that the beer you serve to your guest at your event has the proper temperature, carbonation level, and head, with our draft set-up service. We will bring ice, buckets, and all the required tapping equipment, and ensure that everything is set up perfect. We will train the servers you are providing in basic operation of the equipment and provide them with a cell number to call if they encounter problems. This service does not include licensed servers and all equipment must be broken down at the end of the event so it can return with our catering staff. Customers may keep beer that has not been consumed if they choose, but they must then provide their own tapping equipment or pay an additional $50/keg/day fee for keeping the equipment another day (this may not be possible if the equipment is needed for another event) and provide a credit card for a refundable equipment deposit of $150 to $300 depending on the type of equipment being used.

Responsibility for obtaining any required OLCC permits and complying with all serving regulations is 100% the responsibility of the customer.

Fully Catered Alcohol Service- Product + Tapping/Serving Fee

($200 per 50L/$100 per 1/6 bbl)

Sit back and relax as we take care of everything. We will provide OLCC permitting, OLCC licensed servers, and professional draft equipment setup, maintenance, and tear-down. If you would like to take any unused product after the event, just email sales@fallingskybrewing.com about a week before the event and we will work with you to get the proper paperwork in place to make that possible and set you up with any needed rental equipment.

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