LET IT POUR   eugene, oregon

Did you notice how many categories this budding local brewery was a finalist in? Best bar grub, best place to drink in the sun, best brewery, best burger, best new restaurant and, finally, best new business. As far as we can recall, that’s a Best of Eugene record! Falling Sky is a hit because it’s hard to decide which is better, the beer or the food…”  Eugene Weekly


“Three year old Falling Sky Brewing in Eugene’s 2nd location, Falling Sky Pour House & Delicatessen, raises the bar to become the best brewpub in Oregon. I don’t throw around the term “Best of” anything lightly, but I truly cannot think of another spot with the game of the Falling Sky Pour House. There are many factors into determining the best brewpub, with the top two obviously being beer and food; an excellent brewpub must do both exceptionally. While most brewpubs try to please a wider audience with American pub grub like burgers and pizza, Falling Sky has upped the ante with its 2nd location, offering a menu made up of all house baked, cured, smoked, fermented and brined food running the gamut from Jewish deli classics to American BBQ and Middle Eastern.”  The New School