Falling Sky & Friends of Trees

BEER FOR TREES.  We brewed Tree Line Pale Ale for the amazing people at  Friends of Trees.

We then donated $1 for every pint sold and $5 for every t-shirt sold (just enough to buy a tree).  Check them out at www.friendsoftrees.org.



Falling Sky & LTD

We brewed Mash Transit Ale    Vitals: OG 1.056/ 40 IBU/5.8% Alc

This English style Pale Ale was brewed to celebrate LTD’s accomplishment of winning the prestigious award of being the BEST medium sized transit system in the entire country!! Showcasing the quintessential craft hop Cascades but with an added mash up of using both US Cascades and U.K. Cascades. The US Cascades impart the signature Citrus and grapefruit flavors while the U.K. lend a spicy and herbal notes typical with English hops. Remember when you drink LTD will drive.

Get a free ride with every pint + $1 goes to support LCHAY- Eugene’s voice in fighting childhood obesity.


Bike 3

For three years we offered free bikes… the city of Eugene is going to introduce a City wide program- yes Eugene!! So as our bikes slowly broke down- we haven’t replaced them.

There are so many places to see, so many people to enjoy, so many things to taste… grab a bike at Falling Sky!!

Yes, this was the first of it’s kind- anywhere (at least that we know about). Falling Sky Brewing will loan customers a bike for up to 24 hours, for FREE. This includes lock, lights, and helmet. The only thing Falling Sky will ask, is that users spread the word, and tag a pic of their ride.

“We have tried to encourage biking from the beginning, so when the idea of a bike share came up, we thought- wow that would be awesome! Eugene is built for biking and we want people to get out and experience it”, said Jason Carriere, co-owner of Falling Sky.

To get rolling Falling Sky purchased 7 underused bicycles from the University of Oregon. “We partnered with Arriving by Bike (on Willamette St in Eugene), a great local shop dedicated to encouraging urban biking, who will provide equipment and regular maintenance,” said Rob Cohen, co-owner, “we are all systems go!”





Feb 2014 FLOOD PLANE ESB for Mckenzie River Trust

Beer for Water

Falling Sky Brewing created a special beer called Floodplain ESB, brewed to support the McKenzie River Trust.


Falling Sky Brewing will donate $1 for every Floodplain ESB pint to the Mckenzie River Trust. “Beer is made from amazing things, but it’s mostly water. We can’t think of a more worthwhile cause to those ends than the McKenzie River Trust. We can make great beer because we have great water,” says Scott Sieber, Falling Sky’s lead brewer.

McKenzie River Trust protects and cares for special lands and the rivers that flow through them. Working in eight different watersheds throughout western Oregon, the McKenzie River Trust works with private, willing landowners to permanently protect the places people care about.

The ESB, which stands for Extra Special Bitter, will be available only while supplies last. “We brewed 18 kegs, and it should last at least through the first 3 weeks of March. We love this beer and we love this cause,” says Michael Zarkesh, Falling Sky’s other brewer.

Raise a pint of beer to future pints, and the conservation that will continue to make them exceptional!



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